Helping Restaurants

finally get their private events, catering and virtual events organized so that they can save time, book more and generate revenue!


Having multiple revenue streams is the ONLY way to thrive in todays new normal.

Restaurants can no longer depend on dine in sales alone to keep afloat. Being diversified in how and what guests buy from you is a necessity in todays world.

Create Your Catering

Create the ultimate catering program that brings your food into your guests home, expanding your reach and your bottom line.

Profitable PDR

Develop a private dining program that is safe for your guests, safe for your employees and generates added revenue!

Custom Subscriptions

Consistent predictable revenue? Yes, please! Design a custom subscription based program for your establishment that guarantees you sales every month!

"Kristy transformed our existing event structure into a well-organized, streamlined booking system that anyone in our company can run. Her work added a professional feel to our program, and took the guesswork out of managing clients so we can focus on producing the events we love. We recommend Kristy McDonough Consulting to anyone looking to take their events program to the next level. Kristy has an eye for seeing her client's core needs, a knack for building effective and efficient systems, and the experience to back it all up."

Zach Martinucci
Rebel Bread

"Kristy played a strategic role in the success of the One Box Project! She jumped in and created systems and processes in order for our customers to order smoothly. Kristy also has the ability to be flexible, as this was a new business model each week brought new pain points and learning lessons. Kristy was able to support our team throughout the growing pains and made our lives 100% better. We don't know what we would have done without her. A true go getter! Hire Kristy today!"

Michelle Garcia
Heirloom Catering

"I can't say enough great things about Kristy! She was an integral part of developing and growing our catering business. Her attention to detail and professionalism (and ability to think on her feet) are unparalleled. I had total peace of mind that our clients were not only in good hands, but that they were receiving "white glove" treatment at every turn."

Jessica Mortarotti
Carmela Ice Cream

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